Custom search home about contact login subscribe breast lumps in women - causes, symptoms, types and treatment breast lumps are swelling or localized thickening in the breast of the woman. viagra 100mg tablets uk It is a growth of a tissue in the breast and is also known as a swelling, growth, thickness or mass. india generic viagra online pharmacy This is a common condition and most of the lumps are non cancerous or benign. dissolving viagra under the tongue These benign breast lumps are of many types, the most common type being cysts and fibroadenomas. buy viagra without a script Cysts are sacs of fluids that build up in the breast tissue and fibroadenomas are solid growths made up of glandular and fibrous tissues. Causes - the causes of breast lumps in women which are benign maybe any of the following 1. Cysts: this is one of the most common causes of breast lumps in women before menopause. Cysts can cause several lumps to appear suddenly. 2. can you buy viagra online in australia Fibroadenoma: this is another common cause of the lumps especially in women who are young. 3. viagra online canadian pharmacy Periductal mastitis: this condition is of infection and inflammation around the area of the nipple. This may be common in women who smoke. where to buy natural viagra 4. Inflammation: some kinds of infections can cause inflammation or abscess. 5. Hamartoma: this is growth in excessive manner in a tiny region of the breast tissue. 6. Fat necrosis: injury to the breast may cause lumps to be formed in the area of fatty breast tissue. get viagra over the counter This is also the cause of breast lumps in women. 7. Papilloma: it is a condition of growth like a wart inside the duct behind the nipple. 8. cheap viagra Lipoma: lipoma is a fatty lump. cost of viagra 100mg 9. where to buy natural viagra Fibrocystic disease: the overgrowth of fibrous tissue results in thickening of the breast tissue causing lumps. 10. generic viagra online without prescription Phyllodes tumors: these tumors may be cancerous or benign. where to buy natural viagra During pregnancy one can experience tenderness and soreness in the breasts which is a result of increased levels of progesterone and the growth of the milk ducts. viagra in canada for sale One may develop cysts or fibroadenomas during pregnancy. cheapest viagra to buy Symptoms - the symptoms of bust lumps in women can be thickening of the breast, lumpiness in breast, a change in the appearance of the nipple, a change in the shape or size of the breasts, a change in the feel of the breasts, discharge from the nipple and a swelling in the armpit. Types - there are three types of non cancerous or benign breast lumps and one kind of malignant breast lump. The three types of benign lumps are cysts, pseudolumps and fibroadenomas. The malignant type is breast cancer. buy generic viagra online cheap The diagnosis of a breast lump may require tests like mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, mri scan or a needle aspiration. The treatment of benign breast lumps in women may be required if the symptoms ar epresnt. Viagra pills online Treatment - small fibroadenoman and lipomas may not require serious attention if there are no symptoms but other types of benign breast lumps may require treatments. Large fibroadenomas, lipomas and hamartomas need to be removed before they get larger. How long does it take for viagra 5 mg to work Phyllodes and papillomas also need to be removed. buying generic viagra on line