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C1  C2  C4  PADDLES:

TURBO STRENGTH is offering two types of canoe paddles:

STANDARD (21 cm X 56 cm); and

SPRINT RACING (26 cm X 54 cm).

Both types of paddles are available with a  selection of power faces: a FLAT face; or a FLAT face WITH RIB; or with a scalloped out WING face. The WING face type is new, and is designed specifically for shorter (e.g., 200 m) sprint racing.

For racing canoe paddles, the shaft is longer than for tripping canoe paddles because the kneeling position in a sprint racing canoe puts the paddler higher above the surface of the water. We also offer adjustable length shafts. More recent designs of canoe racing paddles can have a slight bent shaft, but not bent as much as a marathon canoe paddle. Click here for sample photos of our CANOE PADDLES. Please specify the power face and shaft you wish to order.


Boats have 14 paddlers and a cox. Paddlers kneel on a block as in C-boat, and use paddles that are much longer and somewhat wider than in a Dragonboat. Our war canoe paddles offer outstanding performance. Click here to see photos of our WAR CANOE PADDLES.


Contemporary dragon boats have 20 paddlers, seated in pairs facing toward the bow of the boat, 1 drummer  and 1 helmsman. We are the first North American licensed manufacturer of carbon fibre dragon paddles. Our Dragon paddle is 100% carbon fibre...blade, shaft and T-grip!  Due to the materials, design and construction technology used for this paddle, it is extra light and strong. The entire edge parameter is reinforced with nylon to assure durability and long service life. Please click here to see photos of our DRAGON BOAT PADDLES.


We are the proud designer and manufacturer of top notch paddles for this fast-growing sport. Please have a look at our OUTRIGGER PADDLES


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          TURBO STRENGTH Paddles are designed and made in Canada                                

Peter Patasi